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"how to social distance without going too far."

Skills Applied: Research, Prototyping 

Project type: Research Report 


“How to social distance without going too far.” is a comprehensive report created for a medical design course taken in 2020. The report showcases the project through all stages of development utilizing many design research methodologies including user group interviews, personas, storyboarding, and prototyping. The aim of this project was to enable the user group to make informed decisions through a dynamic and engaging campaign for...

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DES 401 P2 Intervention FINAL Erickson H
Digital Wayfinding: Kosc

Skills Applied: Wayfinding, CAD, Design Research, UI/UX

Project type: School project

My team looked into the history of Edmonton, and its common habit of demolishing historical buildings or sterilizing standing structures to cut costs.
Kosc is an AR kiosk concept where a user is able to explore the history of a space through digital wayfinding. They'd use a QR style code to collect information and would be able to read into the lore of the space they are in. After they were done they could leave a digital tag with...

User Research: Dust Buff

Skills Applied: Physical Prototyping, Case Studies, Photo Editing

Project type: School project

As the result of climate change, wildfires are becoming more common across the world. The last few summers in Alberta have been met with low air advisories and the unfortunate reality is that workers will need to be prepared with PPE if they are required to remain outdoors. After interviewing OH&S at a geomatics company and reviewing their policy & risk management we realized that there was a negative workplace culture around wearing...

Let's Talk Waste!

Skills Applied: Life Cycle Analysis, Material Prototyping, Design Research, Sustainability

Project type: Certificate Capstone

Let's Talk Waste! Is a project stemmed from flaws in the Canadian waste disposal system.
Using a Life Cycle Analysis model I aimed to intervene the common fates of coffee grounds and PET water bottles to create a closed loop end-use material than can be utilized in product design...

Scrap Knobs

Skills Applied: Sustainability, Prototyping, CAD 

Project type: School project


Scrap Knobs is a materials experimentation with common household waste—stale coffee and water bottles— to create a series of polyhedron cabinet pulls. Coffee grounds are often incorrectly disposed of and end up in the landfill, while plastic scraps need to go through an energy intensive process before being recyclable. I offered an alternative to these common fates and developed a plan to keep this waste in the household by binding it...

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Lamp ok.114.jpg
Trend Analysis: Snap Solar Shade

Skills Applied: CAD, Photoshop, Design Research

Project type: School project

This collaborative project required my group to conduct a trend analysis on a popular company; We chose IKEA based off of their long term goals and transparency. Something we noticed that was missing from their North American market was solar power powered products, despite them selling entire solar panels in Europe. We asked ourselves, why? ...

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